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“Lithium is common. (The) hard part is turning Lithium salt or clay into extremely pure LiOH”. Most experts believe that lithium demand will outstrip supply from 2022 onwards, forcing up prices. Given current technology, lithium is still a necessary input for most high-volume battery cell applications. If who created bitcoin? demand for grid storage, home battery packs, and electric vehicles continue to rise, lithium prices will too. EnergyX’s patented LiTAS™ technology is a disruptive approach to lithium production that vastly improves the current natural evaporation methods by introducing cutting edge mechanical extraction processes. The problem with the current natural evaporation methods is that it takes a long time (18 months average), has low recovery rates (~30%) and has big environmental consequences such as gigantic footprints and high water usage. LiTAS™ recovers up to 90% of available lithium in a much more sustainable-friendly manner.